Orthopädische Fräsmaschinen

Milling machines

The way to digital insole productions leads directly to our CNC-controlled milling machines.

A pedcad CNC-controlled milling machine enables you to more quickly and more efficiently produced insoles of consistently high quality. Take advantage of this innovative technology and be ready to tread on new paths!

The Classics - BDI and BSI

With our milling machines BDI-PCO and BSI-PCO you get a reliable and established milling machine with expandable technology. 

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The Flexible - MOD-X-PCO

The MOD-X-PCO has reliable technology and makes efficient working possible. With the help of a large operating range and fast processing time.

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The NEW - AMS-ECO-10

Small, fast and compact.

So your entry into digital insole production will be successful. Easy loading and fixation of milling material, no vakuum, no tape. Efficiency at its best.

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The Large - AMS PRO

Working like professionals. This machine is suitable for several workshifts. Automated processing of the insoles, placed in up to 60 cassettes makes high profitability possible.

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Important information for you!

There is no obligation to purchase our milling materials, when purchasing a complete system. Demonstration models or used machines are available frequently. Ask us for our current offers!

Our partner for CNC based milling machines - imes-icore GmbH