Insole design

It is important to you to mill your insoles yourself, but you prefer not to invest into your own insole design software?

Then our insole design service is exactly what you need! With this service, you measure your customers feet, send the measurements to us and we design the insoles according to your wishes. The milling file is sent to you via the internet. You can then mill the insole yourself and deliver the product to your customer. That is how you produce custom milled insoles in just a few steps!

This is how it works...

Einlagenkonstruktion bei pedcad


  • Small investment, since you don’t need your own CAD software
  • No familiarization period for employees on the CAD software
  • Quick and secure online transfer of the milling files
  • Take advantage of your 20 years of experience in orthopedic craftsmanship and our work with the pedcad insole designer