Orthopädische Konstruktionssoftware pedcad insole-designer 3.2

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pedcad insole-designer 3.2

Custom made insoles are designed with the pedcad insole-designer 3.2!

The insole design software pedcad insole-designer 3.2. opens up new ways for providing insoles to your patients. This software provides you with a unique instrument that will save you a lot of time, after just a short familiarization period.

pedcad Konstruktionssoftware

pedcad Konstruktionssoftware

With our pedcad insole-designer 3.2, you can utilize almost all measurement results at the same time for the modeling of the insoles. By superimposing the various measuring data you receive a maximum on informational value to create the perfect insole.


  • Custom corrections on insoles according to your guidelines
  • Insole types adapted to foot problems
  • Great time savings compared to conventional insole production methods
  • Future-oriented technology
  • Large library with insole data sets
  • Option to store your own data sets
pedcad Konstruktionssoftware

You can get a brief overview of our pedcad insole-designer on our pedcad youtube channel.

We will gladly show you the functionalities and possibilities during a free online demonstration.
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More information about system requirements are written down in the .pdf document below.

CAD installation requirements
CAD_Installation requirements_ENG.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 65.8 KB