Order-milling service

Our order-milling service gives you access to digital and individual insole production without any significant investment.

Measuring space

The software is designed in a way that you can connect all standard measuring devices that already exist in your measure room.


You can start right away, everything stays as usual, they only use our intelligent diagnostic and order software - easyped.


Our easyped, diagnostic and order software supports you in the foot analysis and automatically designs an individual and highly effective insole, tailored to the desired requirement and the desired application (shoe).


Easyped works completely independently and without internet connection. An important requirement for working in clinics and office hours. The recorded orders are reconciled at the head office and exchanged with your database. After that, the data goes to pedcad and within 3 working days we make your individual deposits.


We all know the problems that well-trained personnel is difficult or almost impossible to get.


So that skilled labor shortage is no longer an obstacle and your business can grow unhindered, we process the highly complex analysis data of your measuring instruments.Thanks to our easyped software, medical products consultants are in a position to provide their customers with competent advice and care.Your field service can also take advantage of all of these benefits by using our easyped software.

Foot type



What is special about pedcad?

Our easyped software has been in daily use with uncountable users for almost 20 years and since then has been permanently adapted to the rapidly changing general conditions.Technical innovations of the measuring instruments are implemented as well as new insights in the insole effects and in the insole production. New materials and material combinations help to make the effectiveness of our insoles even more special and even more efficient.

We do NOT have just the ONE insole for ALL requirements.

We have the BEST insole for the SPECIAL diagnosis and requirement.

We have integrated a VALINOS order option into the easyped software.

This is how it works...

Easy, quick and efficient

It requires neither the acquisition of milling equipment nor that of construction software. All you need is a digital scanner and an internet-ready PC. You send us your measurement data and we produce the insoles precisely according to your wishes. Then you deliver the insoles to your customer as usual.

Auftragsfräsen bei pedcad


  • Low set-up costs
  • Nearly all scanning systems currently on the market can be integrated
  • No familiarization period for CAD software
  • Quick and dependable insole production
  • Deposit of special stamping blanks possible
  • No materials storage
  • Selection from a wide range of materials