Orthopädische Fräsmaschinen


Our Classics

With our milling machines BDI-PCO and BSI-PCO you get a reliable and established milling machine with expandable technology. 

Our milling solutions barcode scanning and box solution can be upgraded. 

BDI-PCO stepper motors

  • milling machine for 1 insole pair
  • processing time

20 - 25 minutes

BSI-PCO servo motors

  • milling machine for 1 insole pair
  • processing time

6 - 12 minutes


  • 3-axis CNC milling machine
  • milling in pairs
  • insole size up to 50
  • insole fixation by box solution
  • large operating range
  • material thickness up to 60 mm 
  • installation on site possible


  • almost all kind of insoles and type of material can be milled
  • delivery is effected with computer and 19" screen
  • more effective than conventional insole manufacturing

Optional features for BDI and BSI:

Important information for you!

There is no obligation to purchase our milling materials, when purchasing a complete system. Demonstration models or used machines are available frequently. Ask us for our current offers!