Orthopädische Fräsmaschinen


The flexible

Our MOD-X-PCO milling system is available in 2 models:

  • The MOD-6-PCO is designed for 6 insole pairs
  • The MOD-8-PCO is designed for 8 insole pairs


  • milling machine for up to 6 insole pairs
  • processing time:

top side: 6 - 15 minutes

bottom side: 4 - 7 minutes


  • milling machine for up to 8 insole pairs
  • processing time:

top side: 6 - 15 minutes

bottom side: 4 - 7 minutes


  • 3-axis CNC milling machine
  • milling in pairs
  • top and bottom side can be milled
  • insole size from 20 - 50
  • insole fixation by vacuum or by box solution
  • material thickness up to 50 mm
  • barcode milling file solution
  • installation on site possible


  • Minor personnel expentitures due to automated production
  • Streamlining of your production processes
  • Short training period
  • No expert staff necessary
  • Specialised qualification in all sections 

Insoles can be milled directly from EVA-Tiles or from stamped insole blanks. Another possibility is our box solution for comfortable placing and milling of top and bottom side.

Important information for you!

There is no obligation to purchase our milling materials, when purchasing a complete system. Demonstration models or used machines are available frequently. Ask us for our current offers!