Orthopädische Messgeräte

Laser scanner

Our laser scanner facilitates digitizing and managing of measurement data.

This is especially true for lasts.

Here, you can digitize and archive existing lasts.

When the foot is measured again, the measurements are compared to the existing lasts and the best-fitting one is chosen. That way you choose the right last within a short amount of time and start with the actual work.

examples for measurements

All measuring devices are delivered with our easyped software. This software is configured for the respective measuring system and enables you to upload your measurements either to your own insole designing software and produce the insoles yourself, or to send the measurements to our central manufacturing facility - so that we produce the insoles for you as part of our »Order-milling service. Additionally, you can also order our »valinos® with this program.

The different measuring systems can, of course, be combined with each other. In our insole design software „pedcad insole-designer“, several measurements can be superimposed to take advantage of the full potential of the different types of measuring.