pedcad foot technology - Historie & Ziele

History & goals

“Honoring craftsmanship and applying progress“

is the unchanging principle of the pedcad-idea.

After founding Orthopedie Walter – your foot specialist in Oberkochen, Germany - and years of work in his own orthopedic shoe workshop, Master Orthopedic Shoemaker Dietmar Walter became aware that conventional insole production by means of blueprints, or by making a positive from a plaster cast, was not sustainable for the future.

The information gain is small, and the work is time-consuming. It must be possible to provide every customer with individual insoles and still run a profitable and effective orthopedic shoe making operation.

Taking all this and a determination to utilize latest technology into consideration, the idea to digitalize insole production was born. This way, individual insoles can be produced economically in a short time that can also be reproduced at any time at minimal expense. When it was founded, pedcad pioneered digital insole production, and today it belongs among the leading suppliers.

In all the years since then, we have never lost touch with the craft. Thanks to daily cooperation and the give-and-take with Orthopedie Walter, we know the challenges and problems of the orthopedic shoe craft.

New products of ours are not just designed on a drawing board and tested for technical functionality.In adjacent craft shop, they are subjected to many months of field testing in realistic every day situations and conditions. 

That is why Orthopedie Walter is more than just the place where we field test machines and software. We are equal partners working eye-to-eye, complementing each other to achieve the optimum results for both – quite in keeping with our unchanging principle: 

“Honoring craftsmanship and applying progress“



Master orthopedic shoe technician Dietmar Walter begins implementing his vision of efficient, computer-assisted insole production

since 1991

Engineers and technicians refine the technical capabilities


Foundation of pedcad foot technology GmbH - known then as pedcad Orthopädieprodukte GmbH


Innovation Award of the German Industry received


Professor-Adalbert-Seifriz Award received

since 2000

Development of worldwide contacts and business relationships


Because of the many international business relationships, pedcad Orthopädieprodukte GmbH is renamed into pedcad foot technology GmbH


Expansion of the business and production areas by about 850 m²


Certification according to ISO 9001:2008 by DEKRA

Through our close cooperation with institutions and clinics, pedcad products are in line with the newest scientific and medical insights. Today, pedcad foot technology GmbH is the leading provider of measuring, software and milling systems for the digital production of custom insoles.

Worldwide use of the pedcad systems validates the pedcad concept. Pedcad systems are already in use in over 60 countries worldwide.