Orthopädische Fräsmaschinen

Box solution

Our boxes for milling machines are another innovation that offers you increased efficiency and potential, all together in one solution.

Our box-solution is available for all our milling machines - also as an upgrade package.

There are two types of box-solution:


1. loose box for machines: AMS-ECO-10, AMS-PRO-X

2. stationary mounted box: MOD-X-PCO, BSI-PCO, BDI-PCO


In the video you can see both types of box-solutions.

To realized this box solution, your WIN-based CNC milling machine will receive a new milling table together with a box.

Insole material is then clamped in the box and can be milled immmediately. The box is released via quick opening and closing clamp mechanism.

Both top and bottom sides can be milled trouble free. The milled insoles requires no further reworking. Trained personnel for this job are no longer required.

Moreover, you no longer require tape for fastening or milling templates for alignment.

Milling blocks then serve as blanks that can be used for any size. It is no longer necessary to maintain a backlog of material in sizes 20 to 50. 

This serves room and offers greater flexibility, since the correct size is always in stock.