Orthopädische Messgeräte

3D-scanner - ped3D

It generates 3-dimensional, static and digital measurements.

The 3d-scanner measures the feet exactly.

Through the connection to our "easyped"-software you can manage customer data, types of insoles and materials. This facilitates the diagnosis and the management of customer data. And order entry is quick and easy with this system. Our “easyped” software is easy to use - the user does not need to be an orthopedic specialist.

  • 2,9 sec for 3D scan, 5.8 sec includes color
  • normal office lighting, no dark room needed
  • clean 3D mesh +/- 1.0 mm accuracy
  • 3D (STL/WRL), 2D color (plantar und heel)
  • Size 490*230*69mm
  • Weight 4,7 kg
  • Load capacity: 180kg 


  • Computer: Intel i5 CPU with 4 GB Ram, Win 10 only
  • AC:120~240V 50/60Hz worldwide
  • change interface language to local language

Delivery contents:

Scanner, USB-cable, power adapter, foot switch and heel camera (folding with laser)


optional: side steps (pair)

Explore the infinite possibilities of our 3D-scanner in our pedcad insole-designer

All measuring devices are delivered with our easyped software. This software is configured for the respective measuring system and enables you to upload your measurements either to your own insole designing software and produce the insoles yourself, or to send the measurements to our central manufacturing facility - so that we produce the insoles for you as part of our »Order-milling service. Additionally, you can also order our »valinos® with this program.

The different measuring systems can, of course, be combined with each other. In our insole design software „pedcad insole-designer“, several measurements can be superimposed to take advantage of the full potential of the different types of measuring.


Download data sheet here.