Valinos Collection 2014

Discover now!

We are excited to be able to present you with our new valinos catalog 2014.

As you will see, we embraced a new approach and refined our catalog from being merely a product catalog to being a life-style catalog. This is to enable you to reach your customers not only on the product level but also on an emotional level.

One of the improvements we would especially like to highlight is the modification of the Fit strap. By adding a buckle, the Fit model repositioned itself as an elegant shoe we are sure will meet your approval and will be very well received by your customers.

Additionally, we have expanded the product range of the Sandals strap by an additional color. You can now order the Sandals strap also in apple-green with 2 or 3 buckles. This way, additional color combinations in the trend color “green” are possible.