Special offer July

Bargain price for rasp milling cutter and marble gree-white

This month we offer our new rasp milling cutter and insole material marble green-white for a bargain price.


 Our new „rasp milling cutter“

This milling cutter has been especially made for and from us. It is made up to our requirements and has a lot of advantages: 

  • Innovative cutting edge geometry for milling of EVA material
  • Cutting length over 45 mm 
  •  With more cuttings a better and fine milling result
  •  For collet chucks with ø 8 mm suitable
  • Qualified for all milling spindles and milling machines bought at pedcad; others on request
  •  Through more cuttings there are smaller shavings and this brings better suction; less danger of plugging 

Price per piece               219,- € net                          164,- € net

Milling material pedgum marbled green-white


Insole material für comfort insoles with high resilience and high dimensional stability.

Available in all insole shapes.

size 20-34                    7,45 € net                           5,96 € net

size 35-42                    7,95 € net                           6,36 € net

size 43-50                    8,45 € net                           6,76 € net

square (14 x 34 cm)   11,25 € net                         9,- € net

sheet                          87,- € net                            69,60 € net

Valid for orders reaching us until 31st July 2015

You can use our order form.