Month Special December 2014

Our current month special will surprise you again!

This month we would like to offer one of our data sets with the suitable material blank and our new developed "rasp milling cutter".

 Data set  „pedSport“

Available diagnosis:                                      

splay, fallen arches, flat feet, pes cavus, lighter pes cavus


equal pressure distribution through toe and heel modulation and

pronation rail, overload of ball is prevented

We offer our individual data set for one diagnosis, as well as the data set package for all available diagnosis.

Insole blank „Detorsion“

 For our data set we offer the suitable insole blank „Detorsion“. It is especially made for sports and in different material combinations available.

Our new „rasp milling cutter“


This milling cutter has been especially made for and from us. It is made up to our requirements and has a lot of advantages:


·         Innovative cutting edge geometry for milling of EVA material

·         Cutting length over 45 mm

·         With more cuttings a better and fine milling result

·         For collet chucks with ø 8 mm suitable

·         Qualified for all milling spindles and milling machines bought at pedcad; others on request

·         Through more cuttings there are smaller shavings and this brings better suction; less danger of plugging

On all regular prices you will get 20% discount until                     31st December 2014.