Invitation to Busan, Korea - a great success!

The 15th Korea Footwear Symposium and exhibition was a great success for pedcad foot technology.

The event started on 4. October 2018 in Busan, the second largest city in Korea, at 1:30 pm. Dominik Walter then opened the symposium at 2:20pm. with his speach on "Digital and automated manufacturing of custom-made insoles". The response was very good and so there were many questions on the subject.

The moderator, who never lost sight of the schedule, had to end the questions finally with the suggestion to postpone the Q&A to the end of the symposium day. 

The following day at descente, a research facility with a huge lab to analyse walking, Dominik Walter showed the pedcad system to the interested audience of biomechanics doctors and other qualified specialists for human movement. They have a footmodeler, our measuring software easyped and a new BDI-PCO milling machine. Starting with the creation of the "patient record", the analysis of the measurement, the correction of the insole in our pedcad insole designer til milling has been explained in all detail. All steps were accompanied with great interest. In order to get into the full depth of our system and to show all the possibilities that the pedcad system offers in their entirety, further training will be necessary.

So we will come back - with more time for individual meetings and training. We look forward to it!