pedcad & valinos on tour - Asian-Edition - Exhibition and training

pedcad on business trip in Asia! For this trip, of course, only our valinos cover model is the one to go. Our valinos model "Andros" was accompanied by a pedcad employee on the way from Munich, to Beijing, changsha, Taipei and Hong Kong. Out to the world to conquer it.

There they met our partner for Taiwan and China, Mr. Steve Hsu from mems technology corporation, who did the planning for the following days.

On the 7-day trip, many lectures and meetings were held on our services such as order-milling service, insole design, valinos and milling materials. Of course, we talked about measuring devices, our software solutions and milling machines. The exhibition presentation of pedcad formed the end of this journey to the far east.

Thank you to Mr Steve Hsu of mems technology corporation for the good organization, the interesting conversations and meetings and the overall successful business trip.